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Areas of specialization
Travel Stock photography: including popular and more remote locations in Europe and North America.
Nature stock photography: including landscapes, seascapes, animals, plants and flowers.
Event photography: cultural, social, sporting events.

Commercial advertising, promotional, editorial, decorative uses in magazines, newspapers, corporate annual reports, brochures, books, calendars, posters, websites, retail products.

Resolution: up to 3000x5000 pixels (11x17 inches at 300dpi).
Format: high quality (photoshop 9) jpeg. Normally no digital sharpening is performed on the scan as it should be done after resizing and CMYK conversion.
Color space/profile: AdobeRGB (1998); specify if you require otherwise.
Digital file transmission: email or download within 24 hours after payment has been received.

Images are licensed in a traditional, rights-managed manner. I guarantee the limited use of each image. No images on this website appear in royalty-free CDs. Images are most often licensed for one-time none exclusive use, but you may also purchase exclusive use of an image within a specific territory, industry and time period or any other type of licensing. All images are registered with the US Copyright Office.

The license fee for an image depends on its intended use. My pricing is extremely fair and competitive. I match the price of any other stock photography agency that offers rights-managed licenses. Volume discounts are possible. If you have a particularly tight budget, please let us know, and I will try to be flexible to accommodate you. I do not grant free commercial licenses solely in exchange for credits or links.

When completing the form to license an image, please provide as many details as you can. This is to prevent the assumption that you require more general rights, resulting in a higher quote.

Payment must be made in US Dollars and can be made via credit card (via only), check or money order. The easiest and quickest method of payment is by credit card using PayPal (does NOT require membership).

Please browse or search our image bank and read General Image Licensing Terms and Conditions.


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